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Jen and Jack chill on a blankie.

Sleeveless T’s #JustJackThings

Eve is back, and so are we on these hot Summer nights.  The ep starts with Dawson witnessing Eve breaking into Grams’ house, and it goes from there as Dawson stalks Eve across Capeside and finally confronts her to find out just what her deal is.  Jack tries to do Jen a favor and set her up with little baby boy Henry, which does not go well.  Also, Joey deals with her douchebag boss, who happens to be going on a date with the lovely Andie McPhee.  There are a lot of bared midriffs, a lot of sweaty boys, and a lot of Dougie Witter, so it has to be a #SexyEp.  Let us walk you through it, won’t you?