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The Kid from Home Improvement and one of the older Walking Dead zombies.

If you frame-by-frame that part in Event Horizon when they are showing the hell dimension, this is what you will see. Minus the sweet lava lamp.

This week brings us back around to a season 3 favorite, and we consume it with much aplomb.  Show Me Love finds us just before the annual Capeside Regatta (never mentioned again), in which Leery’s Fresh Fish has chosen to sponsor one Pacey Whitter, in spite of his recent troubles with the Leery firstborn. Said firstborn, not to be outdone by the soulmate of his soulmate, decides to borrow a boat and enter the race for himself.  The prize:  The affections of one Josephine Potter, should she choose to put them up for grabs.  Spoiler alert: She doesn’t, and things get real awkward after the race.  Meanwhile Henry, having done basically nothing wrong in previous episodes, is trying to win back the affection of Jen by protesting her house and place of business.  Hey Henry?  Lets try to keep it civil mkay? Let Jen eat in peace.

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