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Happy jack

No hilarious caption this week, just Happy Jack.

This week we finish off our last unwatched 3rd season episode which finds (some of) the gang going on a road trip, ostensibly to check out college, but everyone kind of has their own agenda.  Joey meets AJ AKA The Worst, and begins their dumb little thing.  Dawson has his Blair Witch knockoff entered in a film contest, and finds himself horribly outmatched and embarrassed.  Jack is checking out the local queer scene for the first time and getting out of his shell a little bit.  And Andie is spending the day with a secretary who seems happy to stand in for her therapist.  All in all, it’s kind of a filler ep with not a lot to offer, but it definitely has it’s moments, and if you’re an AJ fan, you’re in for a treat watching him mansplain and insult Joey all episode long.  I hate AJ.  Like, I know I say that in the show a bunch, but I really hate that weasly little fucker.  I try not to curse in these synopsis because it messes up itunes, but lets be serious.  He is a weasly little fucker who starts out treating Joey like garbage, til he decides he has a thing for her, then in a later episode he lords his knowledge of literature over her like that’s some great feat.  No shit, you’ve read more books than her, she’s in High School and you’re in college.  You’re dating a child.  To top it off he makes his FUCKING EX, who obviously still has a thing for him, pick Joey up at the bus station. It’s fucked up to both of them.  He’s an asshole, and lets be honest, his face is fucking weird.  I know that’s shallow, but you and I both know that Joey can do better.  Hell, Abby Morgan could do better.  Fuck AJ, sorry if you like him.  What were we doing here?  Oh yeah…

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