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Werejackal, future Pinocchio, sexer of Jen Lindley, no wonder Dawson can't take his eyes off the guy.

You know he’s cool cuz his collar is outside of his jacket.  You know Dawson isn’t cool because… it’s Dawson.

Another week, another fine episode.  This week Eric & Josh try to wrap their brains around an incredibly ridiculous premise for an episode of television, in which the young Jen Lindley finds herself in a cuh-rayzyy situation when her ex boyfriend from New York comes to Capeside.  Naturally, she decides that her current boyfriend, the good Dawson Leery, should put him up for a couple of days.  Because that’s a thing that would happen.  Meanwhile, Joey is stressed from the new baby in her house and handles it as any mature adult would, by getting shit-faced.  Also, Pacey punches a dude!