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Episode 144 – Merry Mayhem

Todd's bedroom eyes.

We’re about to do to your ears what Todd did to Gail Leary. Make sweet love, that is.

Merry Christmas everybody!  This week we rolled a doozy, Merry Mayhem finds the gang (except Jack) back in Capeside where everyone (except Jack) are dealing with their own personal issues, but in a big family setting (minus Jack).  Pacey’s rich now and lording it over his brother.  Joey is dating Eddie, and he’s weirdly afraid of meeting her family, but then does anyway!  Speaking of family, Jailbird papa is out on parole and home for the holidays!  Audrey, meanwhile, is raiding every medicine and/or liquor cabinet in site, and Jen is looking real cute in the background and not really doing much.  Get all these people together around a dinner table, and we have a cluster-eff of epic proportions.  The 6th season streak continues!

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