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Episode 311 – Elec2ion

There is no way Dawson is not just surrounding Jen in a cloud of urine right now.

We are back in Capeside for a week and let me tell you: It feels good. This week we had just enough time to bust out a randomly selected episode for your listening pleasure, and RNGesus decided it shall be Season 2 episode 9, Election. In which young Andie finds herself running for class president, and being verbally assaulted by that scamp Abby Morgan. Simultaneous to that Jen is trying to show Dawson what it is like to be a real boy, and not some weird Steven Spielberg fantasy robot. It’s a good ep, lots of meat for the Pandie freaks if that’s your bag. We also talk about our summer, complain about another TV show, and give some book reccomendos.

Good friends of our show wrote this book. Check it out!