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It occurred to me too late that we should post a pic of ourselves for the last ep, so instead here are two slightly less attractive and less charismatic white guys.

Seven years ago we decided to abandon our music podcast idea and do something silly for our own amusement that we never thought anyone would listen to. Rewatch podcasts existed at the time, but nobody was doing random episodes (still aren’t), and why would they? It’s an utterly stupid format for a show. Thankfully, “stupid” was right in our wheelhouse, and we embraced it. Seven years later we’ve joined the community, interviewed cast members, and made actual real friends as a result. What a weird and unexpected joy this has been. Thanks everyone who listened, voicemailed, emailed, tweeted, retweeted, commented, rated, reviewed, wrote fanfic, recorded music, or ever said a single nice thing about COTW over the last 7 years. It’s been awesome. Here’s an episode of us watching the Dawson’s Creek Finale for like the hundredth time.