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I gotta be honest, I saw this picture and the first thing that came to mind was: I bet Dan Levy (and for that matter David Rose) smells great. Just the perfect fragrance for any situation. It’s not a funny caption but it’s honest, dammit.

Wow everyone, we have very nearly made it. A few more steps and we will have summitted the peak of Schitt Mountain. Our oxygen is getting low, we passed several long dead corpses on the way up, and we only have a few minutes to enjoy it before we have to descend or else risk joining them in the icy embrace of death… you know what this metaphor is getting confused so I think I’ll start over.

Wow everyone, we have very nearly made it. A few more strides and we have finished Schitt Marathon. 25.2 miles of Schitt are behind us and with only one to go our victory is nearly assured. We’ve pissed ourselves twice, and all that remains of our nipples is the bloodstain on the inside of our Umbro moisture wicking atheletic t-shirt…. Nope, I did it again. One more try.

Wow everyone, we have very nearly made it. One more episode and we will have watched the entirety of Schitt’s Creek and commentated upon it for your listening pleasure. Hopefully Creek of the Week is able to go out as strongly as the show which provides all its content, but considering that show has a team of talented writers, producers, and an incredibly charismatic cast, while this show is a couple of jagoffs yelling at each other over the top of said talented performances, it probably will not. Be that as it may we are all in this together. Please enjoy the pppeeenultimate episode of Schitt’s Creek with us. You probably already know what happens.