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The most awkward thing to happen in Dawson's bed that doesn't involve butt-play.

The most awkward thing to happen in Dawson’s bed that doesn’t involve butt-play.

This week we are witnessing the exciting conclusion of the very first season of Dawson’s Creek.  We marvel at Katie Holmes’ acting chops as Joey has a tearful reunion with her ne’er do well, drug dealer father.  We marvel slightly less at Michelle Williams as Jen bids a fond farewell to her dying grandfather.    Meanwhile the men of the creek just kinda hang out and offer their support.  The episode comes to a thrilling conclusion as Joey faces the decision of going to Paris or staying in Capeside, while Dawson must choose whether or not to express his affection for his long time friend.  Emotions, guys.  Lots of emotions.  Take our hand, we’ll lead you through it.  This is a safe place.