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Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) sings for Chad Michael Murray's band

Glorified karaoke is not “something wild.” Try again, Ms Potter. Actually, please don’t.

This episode starts on a bit of a down note as the hosts learn, minutes before pressing the record button, that one of their favorite comedians had passed (RIP Harris Wittels) so the show starts off with a little tribute before launching into what is possibly one of the worst episodes of Dawson’s Creek ever recorded.  Something Wild starts us at the Potter B&B in Capeside, with Sister Bessy mocking Joey for never doing anything interesting with her life (true).  Pacey shows up, drives her back to Boston, they hook up with Audrey and go out to find something wild to do.  Spoiler Alert: what they do is not very “wild”.   MEANWHILE  Dawson and Jen visit Dawson’s terrible mother, and work on their budding relationship. Don’t get too invested in it though, it won’t last long.  We hate this episode, for reasons that will become even more apparent in coming weeks of this podcast.  I hope you enjoy our misery.