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Joshua Jackson, Pacey Witter, Dawson's Creek, Episode 6

A pic of two Joshs. Joshua Jackson, and, in the background, Host Josh from high school wearing his boyfriend’s letter jacket.

In this episode, Joey’s elder sister Bessie is giving birth to her first born child and, SURPRISE, she isn’t going to have it in a hospital.  Lil’ Joey Potter finds her sister in Labor and has to row her (poorly) to Dawson’s House where they seek help from the all-knowing Grams.  Grams is powered by Christ, and Jen hates Christ.  This is the point of many B-plots in the first season, this episode being one of them.  So while Grams is delivering the baby, Jen is screaming that God isn’t real, and Dawson is filming Bessie’s ever-expanding Vajaj.   And that, dear listeners, is poetry.

Also, Pacey and Tamara’s dark secret finally comes out, and Host Eric recounts a sexy dream he had about Kerr Smith, who does not feature in this episode at all.  Holy crap with all that goodness, how can you NOT download this show?