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Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson), Audrey (Busy Phillips)

“Hey Audrey, look at those two idiots try to hold a show together. Still better than listening to Joey sing.”

So we knew it would happen when we conceived this dumb podcast, but this week we get our first repeat Dawson’s Creek episode, and it just so happened to be what was likely our least favorite episode of the show so far.  Something Wild, in which Joey sings, Jen & Dawson’s Mom install a baby gate, and Audrey wears a shirt.  We try guys, we really do, but it does go off the rails.  If you’re a Creek lover, you wont care for this episode.  However, if you’re here to listen to 2 dumb assholes attempt to be amusing for an hour while a terrible episode of Dawson’s Creek plays in the background, then this is the show you’ve been waiting for.

So, let us know how you feel about this one.  There will probably be more like it as we get through the catalog, if they are unbearable tell us now.  If you like it, tell us that too!