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Adam Carolla and Dr Drew

Yeah, Adam & Drew? I was just violated by an episode of Dawson’s Creek, who should I call?

This is it, people.   The episode we rolled up this week is pretty widely regarded as the worst episode of Dawson’s Creek ever.  I hadn’t seen it since it’s original airing, and I have to tell you, that title is well deserved.  For one thing, it’s a gimmick episode featuring the cast of a TV talk show that was semi-popular at the time, so it is an act of ratings desperation.  Secondly… THERE’S NO PACEY.   There’s also no Dawson, but THERE’S NO PACEY!  Dawson’s Creek without Pacey is like pizza without cheese, cake without ice cream, porn without a money shot.  What’s the point?  Enjoy!