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Joey Potter (Katie Holmes)

Nice shot with that tranq gun, now tag her ear so we can monitor her mating habits!

Good news, everyone!  It’s a super special Friday bonus episode, and it takes place in everyone’s favorite season of Dawson’s Creek, Season 5!  Use Your Disillusion, contrary to what the title may lead you to believe, has zero Slash or Axl, but it does have a lot of drama.  Dawson is grieving the loss of his father while Joey tries to be a supportive friend and take his mind off of it for a weekend.  Meanwhile Jack is pledging a frat and totally dissing his boyfriend, Toby.  Jen and Pacey?  They’re here too.  They go to a play and get into hijinks when they see Jen’s boyfriend (Chad Michael Murray) with another girl.  Jen flips, but Pacey is ever the voice of reason.  For Season 5, it aint bad, and that’s the best endorsement you can hope for.