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Dawson tries to seal the deal

Dawson looks upon another in a long string of beautiful women he won’t have sex with.

So we’re back in Season 4, that’s awesome.  Unfortunately it’s an episode we watched a few weeks back.  Wait!  Don’t click away just yet!  We make up for it with dirty jokes and laughter!  So as you may recall, Pacey and Joey recently engaged in coitus, and she’s worried about Dawson finding out.  Meanwhile Dawson is trying to establish a meaningful relationship with an older woman.  Gretchen, bless her heart, is doing her best to ignore the fact that she’s dating a teenager.  But what about Jen and Jack?  They’re out stirrin’ up trouble, stalking Jen’s psychiatrist.

Look, we can’t control the dice.  We did not expect this many repeats this early in the show.  But this experiment is far too important to compromise by breaking the rules.  So we, your intrepid (and handsome) hosts, are pushing on.  We’re going to watch as many Season 5 eps and repeat eps as it takes.  We will suffer for our art.   Hope you enjoy it.