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Pacey sad :(

Why does Dawson get to be the poster boy for 90s problems? I can cry too! *sniff*

Welcome back Creek of the Week listeners.  This week we are heading back to season 2 for a classic.  Dawson and Pacey decide to go on a fishing trip with their dads, and SURPRISE, Jack’s coming too.  This makes Dawson angry as Jack is currently in a relationship with Joey.  Meanwhile Joey, Jen, Andie, and the mischievous Abby Morgan head over to Dawson’s place for some weird expose thing his mom is doing (remember, she’s a news anchor).  So we kinda have two concurrent bottle episodes even though one takes place on the open ocean, so it’s kinda the opposite of a bottle episode but you get the point.  The important thing is that both Pacey and Mitch get some quality screen time and character development, and they are the only characters that really matter.  Also, we tell some offensive jokes and probably say bad things about the police.  It’s kinda become our weird thing.