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Jack hugs dying Jen

Hear the thunder? The heart cloud’s comin’.

So our plan to watch the finale 10% of the time might have been a bit ill-conceived.  After going 2 dozen episodes without watching it, here we are a few weeks later watching it again.  So that particular part of our experiment may have to change.  We, however, will press on.  Which isn’t that hard as we both really like the Dawson’s Creek finale.  Soooooooo… Jen’s dying, Dawson’s busy with work, Pacey moved back home to run a restaurant, Jacks in love with Doug, Joey is bouncing on her soon-to-be fiance.  There, you’re all caught up.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room:  Sound quality.  There were some mixing problems and the file got corrupted with some weird distortion that accompanies our voices.  I debated trashing this ep, but I hate to skip a week, and you can still understand it.  So, since we aren’t the least bit professional, I’m releasing it!  If you can get past the incessant ear-gouging buzz that accompanies every word we say, it’s pretty funny!