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Pacey dressed like a cop

Ladies, we’ve had a complaint about the noise… *removes tear-away pants*

This week’s episode starts with the best pre-credit scene of all time, then takes us to a rainy Capeside art-festival.  Joey is displaying her work, Grams is selling quilts, Pacey is doing a creepy puppet show, and Dawson is just chillin’.  Joey is happy that Jack has decided to make his homosexuality public, but she admits that she misses some of the simple pleasures of dating, like locking lips with a hot young stud.  So when an obvious hot young stud shows up at her art display and asks to photograph her, you can guess where she thinks things are leading (tongue-town!).  Unfortunately things are never what they appear, and his lips are meant for another.  Meanwhile, Dawson pines for his unrealistically attractive film teacher, and puts himself out here by showing her his terrible movie about his sad little teenaged life.   She is not a fan.  Pacey puts on a puppet show for children and comforts Andie.  And Grams tries to get Dat-D (with the help of Jen).  Lot’s of stuff going on this week, kids.  Try to keep up.