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Joey Potter, Jen Lindley, Audrey gather to help Dawson

On next week’s episode of Capeside Intervention.

After a short recap of current events (COTW is your source for 5 minute rundowns of major news stories, and Dawson’s Creek), we dive into the next episode.    This week we swing back to the very end of the series and roll up the last regular-season episode, occurring right before the Finale two-parter.  In this episode Dawson was just informed that, because of Pacey, he is broke.  His dreams of making the 20th version of a film representing his teenage years have been shattered, and he’s relegated himself to slingin’ salmon down at Leery’s fresh fish.  Enter our heroine, Joey Potter.  She stirs up the gang and convinces everyone to help Dawson realize his dream.  This is pretty obviously a fluff episode to set up the finale.  Not much happens, there are weirdly long montages, and it’s pretty lame.  Much like the rest of Season 6.  But hey, you’ve got us to help you through it!