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Pacey, Joey, Dawson, Jen, and that other guy perform a seance

Get used to this, Jen. In about 10 years, it’s the only way your friends will be able to talk to you. (because you will be dead.)

That Dawson, what a prankster.  Friday the 13th is his favorite day of the year (even if it comes twice in a year).  And he takes great pleasure in performing childish pranks on his easily-frightened friends.  This year is special, however.  There’s a serial killer loose in the area!  How plot-convenient!  So Dawson has a party, Joey comes.  Jen has a date, but the dude inexplicably decides to take her to her ex’s (Dawson) party, and Pacey picks up a dirty townie to bring home, in hopes of sinkin’ dat PD into her V.  Sounds like a recipe for hijinks!  Meanwhile your hosts brilliantly editorialize over it.