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Joey and her professor

Well, you see Joey, I would be partial to dipping my balls in it. If that’s OK with you.

SEASON 5 HYPE!  Spoiler alert everyone, there’s no sex.  Just lies and videotape.  This episode of Creek of the Week  takes us back to Season 5.  Dawson is dealing with the death of his father, the greatest man in television history, Mitch Leery.  Pacey is trying to hook up with his boss who is trying to hook up with his other boss who is married.  Joey is doing something UTTERLY BORING.  And Audrey, who really should be the main focus of the show, is barely featured at all.  This is a terrible episode of the Creek, but we pick up the slack and bring the humor with hilarious commentary on rape culture, 9/11, and other laugh-a-minute topics.  I am not selling this.  Trust me, it’s good!