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Pacey is hot.

This screencap is for all of the Pacey…. *wait for it*… fans. GET IT?! You get it.

Time to get sweaty, everyone.  The Creek is in the middle of a sweltering indian summer, and the weather aint the only thing that’s getting hot.  Most importantly, it’s an episode from season 3.  We asked for you to pray for us, and apparently you prayed good, because that sweet little D6 rolled  a 3.  So the episode has a film noir theme, get ready for lots of dutch angles and cheesy saxophone music.  The elusive Eve makes her first appearance on our show, and is throwing Dawson’s world into chaos.  Andie is recently split from Pacey, and dating an utter garbage-human, from whom Joey is trying to rescue her.  Jack is trying to get Jen laid, and Pacey doesn’t really have much character development going on this episode, so he’s pretty much just running around being awesome, which is what he does best.