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Dawson Looks on as Jen vomits

“Come on Jen, it’s supposed to smell like that!”

On this very special Creek of the Week, we invite our first Guest Host and watch an incredible episode of Dawson’s Creek.  Kelly, the self-proclaimed biggest Dawson’s Creek fan in the world, asked to come on, and since we have an open-door policy, we went for it.  As for the episode, it’s a great one.  Jen is back in her bad-girl phase, and Dawson is keeping an eye on her while she makes some pretty big mistakes.  Pacey and Andie are dealing with the horrors of mental illness, and Jack is seducing Joey in a desperate bid to convince himself he likes girls.   Everybody is being heroic, including Mitch Mother-effing Leery in his swank bachelor pad.  This episode is crammed with awesome.

Big thanks to Kelly for joining us and being our guinea pig!  We had a lot of fun recording the episode, and hope everyone enjoys listening.