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Seth Rogen and Busy Phillips

Is he attracted to her or considering eating her face?

Your eyes don’t deceive you, you didn’t accidentally stumble onto, this is still your devoted Dawson’s Creek podcast commenting on a Dawson’s Creek episode that is chock full of guest stars.  Seth Rogen, Jensen Ackles, Oliver Hudson, so much talent we had to rush it out as a bonus episode! Audrey is going to rehab in LA, which is a long way from Boston.  Joey and Eddie are gonna take her there, and are inexplicably joined by Seth Rogen, because… just because!   Meanwhile Grams is finding herself dumped by her boyfriend, Clifton Smalls, (and “small” he is not!) and on the market for some geriatric trim.  Naturally she goes on a double date with her grandaughter.  Oh and Dawson is directing a terrible movie.