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Joey witnessing Dawson & Jen in bed

Joey is either witnessing Dawson & Jen in bed together, or about to get hit by a truck on the highway.

This week we are revisiting the finale episode of the first wonderful season of Dawson’s Creek.  The end of the beginning.  The begending.  Joey might be going to Paris, but first she has to visit her dad in prison.  Dawson is conflicted and takes her there.  Jen’s grandpa is back up 🙂 then he’s back down :(.  And Pacey gets to help Joey out when she needs to head back up to the pen for a followup visit with Daddy.  This is a fantastic episode of 90s television that we have playing in the background while we act like absolute idiots and scream obscenities into microphones.  Some episodes we are really into the show and provide a heartfelt commentary.  Some episodes we are a little punch drunk, perhaps a little actual drunk, and things just go off the rails.  This week it’s one of those!