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Dawson and Joey at Mitch's funeral

Nothing funny to say here. We have lost a great American Hero.

This is a weird one.  Our mission statement when we started this show was to bring you a unique and insightful commentary on the WB classic program: Dawson’s Creek, and to attempt to be funny while doing so.  The latter is quite difficult during an episode like this.  We here at Creek of the Week are big fans of Mitch Leery, perhaps the biggest fans.  So his funeral episode is a bit of a bummer for us, as it was for everyone watching.  On the bright side you get to listen to two grown men react to the death of surrogate TV father.  So if you’re into that this should be a fun one for you.  Join us as we say goodbye to America’s best TV Dad:  Mitch Leery.  The bright side is that he’ll likely be back alive for next week’s episode!