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Jen Lindley and CJ flirt on the phone

Jen: Watcha thinkin’ ’bout?
CJ: Oh nuthin… suicide helpline stuff…

It’s Halloween in Dawson’s Creek AND IRL!  We swear we did not plan this, but RNGesus is watching over, and knew how appropriate it would be to drop a Halloween themed episode on the week of the real Halloween.  So while Dawson deals with a haunted movie set, the rest of the kids (except Joey) attend a party which, we think, is on that same movie set?  We never really figured out if they were all at the same party or not, but nevertheless, partying occurs.  Joey has to babysit her bosses kid.  That’s all I need to say about that particular plot line.  And most importantly, Pacey and Audrey are feeling the strains of their relationship.  It’s mostly filler episode from mid season 6.  No major ground being broken, but also a fairly silly and entertaining one to watch.  Join us, won’t you?