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Pacey gives a monologue

I couldn’t not use this screen cap.


Want to listen to two men squeal like school girls?  You’re in luck.  Today we rolled up one of the most classic and infamous episodes of Dawson’s Creek and our joy is palpable.  As a recap, the Miss Windjammer pageant is in town, and Joey sees an opportunity to pay for a chunk of her higher education, if only she had a mentor… enter Jen Lindley.  Meanwhile Pacey is sick of his basically abusive father, and needs some cash to get his own place.  Pacey isn’t about to let a penis get between him and that sweet cash.   This episode is fantastic.  Pacey gives an amazing monologue, Joey sings, Dawson has a creepy shift and realizes his love for Joey, so much goodness it’s hard for us to injest it all in one go.  But, like the pigs we are, we binge on that goodness, and regurgitate it into your waiting ears.  We are so excited we forget which episode of our podcast we are recording and plug next week as the 50th show.  We are dumb, and wrong.  Happy 50th!