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Jack and Toby

Seattle’s Best was waging war on Christmas via coffee cups before it was cool. (Topical humor!)

This week we celebrate our 51st anniversary episode by telling how we got into this amazing show that has changed all our lives.  No, not Breaking Bad, Dawson’s Creek!  It’s fourth season and the Capeside Kids are all split into couples doing their own things.  Jack and Jen attend a meeting of LGBT activists and find that their leader is kind of a dick.  Joey is stressing over an exam while Pacey tries to help and makes it worse.  Finally, Dawson is filming with Mr. Brooks and working through how he feels about Gretchen.  Meanwhile your hosts make off-color “jokes” and obsess over seeing a weird picture of a Shriner.  Strap on your party hats and get ready to celebrate the big 5-1 in style!