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Joey watches Eddy's Sweet can

It Follows.

This week’s show takes us out of Capeside and back to Boston for an early season 6 episode.  Dawson is making a movie, Pacey is brokering stocks, Jack is actually going to school, and struggling with a closeted teacher that has a crush on him, Joey & Eddie are flirting awkwardly, and Audrey is being recruited to the weird English girl’s punk band.  Does any of this make sense?  No.  Why is Pacey a stock broker?  No idea.  Why does Audrey’s horrible shower singing make anyone think she’s capable of fronting a band?  Search me.  Why won’t Joey and Eddie just chill out and bang already?  I don’t know.  We do our best, folks.  But this is not top shelf Creek.  Hopefully our bad British accents and immature humor help.