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Joey quizzical.

Is Joey Potter gonna have to punch a mothafucka?


On this week’s Creek of the Week: A Dawson’s Creek Podcast, your hosts find themselves entangled in some dreaded Technical Difficulties, and for the first time ever are forced to re-choose their episode.  The bright side of that, is that you lucky listeners don’t have to sit through Lovelines again.  Upon our reroll, we hit the sweet spot we’ve been aiming at for so long, and hit dead in the middle of Season 3.  Joey is painting a mural for Capeside High, and is devastated to find it vandalized.  Pacey, who is secretly crushing hard on Joey, hunts down the vandal and makes him pay for his crimes.  Andie is having a moral crisis and Jack is lending his support.  Also, Dawson is hanging around.  Jen is out this week, and she will be missed.  This is an important milestone in the saga of P&J, we enjoyed the hell out of it.