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Dawson jus' tapped dat

“It was better in my parent’s bed :(“

In the desert wasteland of 5th season, we managed to crawl our way to a shining oasis, and nestled in that paradise amidst the scorching sands was a hotel… Hotel New Hampshire.  This week’s podcast starts off with us spending some time paying tribute to the late David Bowie.  If you’re not a fan or sick of hearing about him, this might not be the ep for you.  Also, what is wrong with you?  After that we rolled up Hotel New Hampshire, and really just enjoyed the heck out of it.  Dawson and Jen attend a film festival, where they pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and end up not-so-much pretending.  Meanwhile Jack attempts to pimp out Audrey and Joey to his frat brothers, which is uncomfortable and creepy.  Pacey… is for some reason pursuing his bosses mistress, in what is definitely the weakest story line of the episode.  Nevertheless we talk you through all the sexy hijinks, because that’s what we do.