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Jack osbourne's incredibly round face.

Cheessa neenjah mah wongee Chewbacca. Hwa Hwa Hwa!

On this week’s fantastic episode, we remain entrenched late in the series.  Very late, in fact, as we rolled up the 3rd to last episode, and sadly the last appearance of Audrey Liddell.    To recap: Pacey lost all of Dawson’s money and has to break it to him.  Dawson is trying to make the same movie he’s made a dozen times.  Grams has the woman problems, and unbeknownst to her, Jen invited her mother (Gram’s daughter) to the house for a powow.  Joey is just wandering around lookin’ totes adorbs.  We’ve walked this yellow brick road before, but we were happy to walk it again.  Won’t you join us?