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Pacey and Joey dance

Here’s one for the Pacey/Joey shippers. (Note: I have no idea how to use the word “shipper”)

We did it, everyone.  We caught one of the big ones.  Anti prom is the second to last episode of Season 3, and sets the finale up beautifully.  It starts off with the jerks at Capeside High not allowing Jack to attend the prom with his new boyfriend, so the gang throws their own prom at the Leery restaurant.  Things seem to be going great, but as we know, when there’s a school dance in Capeside, stuff goes down.  Hard.  Joey goes with Dawson but pines for Pacey.  Pacey goes with Andie but longs for Joey.  Dawson yearns to have his soulmate back, Andie yearns to be with her first love again.  Jack and Eyebrows McHotstuff are falling for each other but being gay is hard.  Jen and Poor-man’s-Leo-DiCaprio are fighting too!  This is why we’re here, tears and laughs and love and angst! This is Creek Prime!


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