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CJ Comforts the spiralling audrey.

So, you come to this gutter often?

Bonus Episode!  The good episodes in Season 6 of Dawson’s Creek can be few and far between at times.  Fortunately, we stumbled upon one we really enjoyed.  Basically Audrey just got dumped by Pacey and is beginning her downward spiral.  She gets hammered, makes a scene, rightfully points out that Joey is a… less-than-attentive friend, and stirs up a mess of drama.  Meanwhile Jack is beginning a new relationship while sort of ending an old one.  Jen is also trying to start a new relationship and having mixed results.  Pacey is in New Orleans with a super attractive young lady who may or may not be receiving compensation for her companionship. Dawson… is not here.  It’s our first on-fleek Creek of the Week sans Van Der Beek.