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Jen, Andie, and Joey do girl stuff.

This is exactly what our pre-show ritual looks like. Except we have mimosaaaas!

This week we start the show discussing various options for a Dawson’s Creek reunion (IT WILL HAPPEN).  Soon after RNGesus blesses us, once again, with a season 3 episode.  Neverland kicks off immediately with Pacey & Joey sucking each other’s faces, followed by arguing about whether or not they should have done so.  Unfortunately that great scene is the last one they have together til the end of the show.  The rest of the show focuses more on same-sex friendships.  Pacey tries to reconnect with Dawson (and break the news of his kiss) by going on a camping trip.  Unfortunately it is crashed by some precocious youngsters.  Meanwhile the girls have a sleepover and roller skating party, where they find out Jen’s boyfriend Henry has an embarrassing secret.  Jack’s also in this one, dealing with his daddy issues while plaing host to his potential new beau.  There isn’t a ton of plot advancement, but there is some of the great character interaction that we love about Dawson’s Creek.  Team P-Jo 4 Life!

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