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Jen & audrey

Remember CD stores? Those were the days. Jen remembers.

Sorry folks, we’re not home right now.  We’re walking in the spiderwebs.  This week takes us to the infamous No Doubt episode of Dawson’s Creek.  Your hosts are not fans of the band, but we struggle through the musical numbers and find a lot of surprisingly tasty meat in between.  Joey and Eddie are exploring their new relationship and getting to know each other as they break into the No Doubt concert.  Dawson is on a fun date with his movie girlfriend that he gets to know while they try to sneak into the No Doubt concert.  Meanwhile inside the concert Jen digs CJ, CJ digs Audrey, Audrey had her heart broken by Pacey, and Pacey just kinda feels bad about the whole situation.  All this drama, plus a surprise Creek of the Week announcement!  Leave a message, and this episode will call you back.


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