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Kate Bosworth and that other dude are hot for each other

This is the beginning of a beautiful 8 episode relationship.

Long ago when Dawson’s Creek was at the height of it’s popularity, the all-knowing WB decided to use it to jump start a new series in it’s summer line up.  Will Krudsky was introduced as a childhood friend of Pacey and Dawson, who showed up for 3 episodes then left to make his own show.  That show was called Young Americans, it ran for 8 episodes and was cancelled.   Your intrepid hosts, having never had the pleasure of watching the doomed series, decided that it would be fun to record our first watch through and release it as a Creek of the Week bonus series.  The first episode introduces us to our new cast, their idyllic setting, and their many first world problems.  Things start out slow but get real interesting.


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