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Pacey blows a gentle breeze upon the gaping maw of Dawson

Pacey, I don’t think that’s how you give CPR. Plus, shouldn’t Dawson be unconscious?

There comes a time in a young man’s life, when he has to prove to himself, to his father, and to his best-friend-turned-nemesis, that he is capable and willing to win a sailing regatta for the woman he loves.  For Dawson Leery, that time is now.  Weeks before Pacey began his romantic dabblings with Dawson’s soulmate, he signed up for the annual Capeside boat race, to be sponsored by Leery’s Fresh Fish.  Now that race day has come, and Dawson is wise to what he’s been up to, it’s time for Leery The Younger to Take. Him. Down.

Meanwhile Henry & Jen are having some issues and Henry is making a fool of himself.  And Joey has her own set of problems watching her two oldest friends do battle for her affections.  It’s a thrill-packed episode where two boats come within like… 12 feet of each other and nearly cause some minor fiberglass scratching!  If you have a heart problem consider yourself warned.


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