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Matt Czuchry

Sean’s Just a dumb redneck he don’t know nothin’ bout no fancy rowin’ academies, but gul durn aint he pretty?

Episode 1 ended with a bang, surely episode 2 will continue that momentum, right?  Not so much.  This week we get a look at Will Krudsky’s old life and meet some of his childhood friends who are not super accepting of his new wannabe rich boy lifestyle.  We also find out that Sean, Will’s best friend, has the hots for Bella, which leads to confrontation with the great Scout Calhoun.   Meanwhile Hamilton and “Jake” are figuring out their friendship and unexplainable attraction to each other.  Not a lot of plot is advanced, but we get to learn more about the town, and so far we are fans of Sean McGrail.  Join us, won’t you?


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