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Dawson and Joey watch a movie

Perhaps Blues Brothers 2000 was a bad movie choice a week after your father’s fatal car accident.

This week we deal with some heavy issues.  The death of a parent.  Infidelity.  Fraternity hazing.  Dawson just lost his father and he’s visiting his friends in Boston to take his mind off of it.  Joey, who also lost a parent should be just the person to help, unfortunately she’s a mess and blows it.  Jen and Pacey are hanging out and spot Jen’s new boyfriend eating dinner with a sexy girl.  Is she going to go off half-cocked before she gets all the details and embarrass herself?  You bet she will.  Lastly, Jack is having fun in college and is totally over his highschool boyfriend, as are we.  Via Con Dios, Toby!  We hardly knew you.  Strong showing this week from Van Der Beek who really makes us feel his panic attack.  We all lost a father with the death of Mitch, so we feel ya, Big D.