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Scout Calhoun and Bella

Ah, the ol’ use-the-oar-to-put-your-arm-around-the-girl trick, I know it well.

Another Friday, another dip into the Young Americans pool.  This week was pretty great as it introduced the Son of Anarchy himself: Charlie Hunnam as the devious Gregor Ryder.   He basically just shows up and acts like a jerk to establish himself as the antagonist and doesn’t do anything particularly interesting.  Will Krudsky continues to uncomfortably bond with his rowing coach, in the form of keeping his affair with the Dean’s wife a secret.  Meanwhile EVERYONE IN TOWN goes to the drive in where uncomfortable situations inevitably ensue.  Brother Scout and Sister Bella are on dates with other people, while creepily eyeballing each other.  Jake and Hamilton both take he same girl to the movie and get jealous of… each other?  The girl?  They’re definitely jealous about something.  We actually really enjoyed this episode and may finally be starting to see the potential of this show.  We do not, however, like it enough to stifle our crude and juvenile jokes that we shout out at the worst moments possible.


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