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Dawson, Jen, Joey, and Jack

Way to mess up the symmetry Dawson, like you MESS UP EVERYTHING!

Coda marks the final episode of the last great season of Dawson’s Creek.  Not to say there aren’t good moments afterward, but the magic is never really the same.  This episode could have been a series finale, and perhaps it should have been.  Either way, it’s definitely a wrap up without a lot of meat to chew on.  Dawson is getting ready to leave his creek for Tinseltown.  Joey is Jetting off to Worthington and, perhaps saddest of all, Grams and Jen are packing up the house to move to Boston.  It’s all a little slow and melancholy, but we still love it, and we still find plenty of material to ramble on about like insane idiots.


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