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Audrey is happy

This is Audrey’s face when she hears the sweet sound of a Miller Lite being cracked open.

Listen guys, Joey isn’t just that awkward girl from up the creek with the sketchy family and strokey half smile.  She’s not just a great student and homebody.  She likes to party.  She likes to throw down.  Once in a while when the mood strikes, she likes to… kind of sing in public.  This is a big deal for her.  Yes, for most of us it is a typical Friday night karaoke with the gang from the office, but lets humor her and let her savor this moment. We’ve been to this party many times now folks.  Dawson and Jen are in Capeside exploring their new relationship.  Pacey and Audrey are supporting Joey while she goes wildin’.  And Charlie is here pretending to be impressed so he can get wit dat.  Not the best episode, but at least ya got us!