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Dawson puts his face in the cake

It wasn’t the first time Dawson was drunk with his face covered in sticky goo, and it wouldn’t be the last…

RNGesus has not graced us with Season 2 in a while, but when he does he gives us a good one.   This episode immediately begins with Dawson in a fit of heated teenage angst.  Everyone is moving on but him!  He has to make some changes or he’s going to be a loser forever!  He wanted to go to Toshi Station and pick up some power converters!  Also, Jack just acknowledged his sexuality and is dealing with the reactions of his friends and classmates.   Joey is also dealing with finding out her boyfriend is gay.  And Jen, poor Jen, is struggling with her own issues.  Fantastic episode of Television, and we try not to ruin it with our stupid voices.  Speaking of stupid voices…. enjoy watching Dawson and Andie sing the blues!