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Pacey Joey and Jack

Pacey: “About this size, last I measured.”
Joey: *looks skeptical*
Jack: *looks interested*

It’s early December 2001, the Christmas season is upon us.  Recent national tragedies have left us in a slightly less-than-merry state for this particular holiday season.  So what shall we do to lift the spirits of the many WB fans tuning in to their favorite show: Dawson’s Creek?  Four scary vignettes about the Creek kids getting stalked and possibly killed?  NAILED IT!  I kid, but this was a fun episode.  It’s another example of an episode where we don’t see any real drama, but we just get to watch a day in the life of Pacey, Joey, and Jack.  No ground is broken, no spit is swapped, no hearts are shattered.  But we do get to watch Joey Chuck-Norris a dude, and we prove that time travel is canon on Dawson’s Creek.  Imagine the possibilities that opens up.  We enjoyed watching this episode.  We hope you enjoy us enjoying it!