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Pacey & Joey smoochin

This might be the high water mark for Dawson’s Creek. At least in this podcaster’s humble opinion.

Stolen kisses.  So much snogging, so many tumblr moments, so much P-Jo goodness, it almost hurts to cross it off our list, the anticipation of rolling an episode like this is nearly as sweet as actually getting to watch it, but not quite.  If you’ll recall this episode, Pacey and Joey are circling each other like a couple of hounds in heat, their feelings are out in the open, but both are afraid to fully commit.  Along comes Aunt Gwen and invites the kids up to her romantic cabin for a getaway, and that is all the catalyst the two lovebirds need to finally realize that nature cannot be denied.  Also Dawson is having his 30th mid life crisis and Andie is doing some dumb thing or other, but WHO CARES!?  All eyes are on P.J.  Lets do this.

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