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Pacey and Jen

A moment of silence for the brief, but wonderful relationship of Jen & Pacey.  Friends with bennies 4 ever.

Finally we roll up another early season 3 episode which is uncharted waters for our podcast.  The episode happens on Thanksgiving, and everyone ends up at Gram’s house, because she’s the only one competent enough to cook a turkey.  This is one of the rare Jen-centric episodes, and frankly, there should have been more.  Jen’s mother is coming to dinner, and it’s thrown her whole world off-kilter.  The rest of the kreek-krew mainly just hangs out and supports the Jen story.  Big D struggles with the knowledge that Jen has a sister, Pacey offers Jen his support, as he does.  Joey ONCE AGAIN reminds everyone that her mother died, and the McPhee twins just kinda chill in the background.  Michelle Williams is great, Mary Beth Peil is great.  And we, your hosts, are great…FUL for Dawson’s Creek.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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