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jack and andie and THE BLACK BOOK

Jack, now is not the time for flatulence, we have important work to do.

If you’ve listened to Creek of the Week, you know how much we love Joey’s short-lived Season 3 lover, A.J.  So naturally we had to revisit their first date, and revel in all his smooth college freshman lines that he lays on the unsuspecting high school kid that he has convinced himself he is old enough to date.  So what if she can’t vote yet?  She’s hot, and she’s totally buying his schtick.   Meanwhile, our hero Pacey is freaking out, trying to perform a classic piece of American art, while worrying that the young Ms. Potter is being roofied in some Boston frat house.  Tough times for Pace, but he pulls it off, because he’s a Boss and that’s what Bosses do.  He also has a little help from his ex, Andie McPhee who is running the theater show.  Henry shows up and makes a scene, embarrassing Jennifer “The Pretty” of House Lindley, First in her Parent’s Bed, Queen of New York, Capeside, and Boston College, The Unturnt, Breaker of Hearts, Grand daughter of La Abuelita, and Kahleesi of Dawson’s Virginity.  It’s a fun rewatch, join us won’t you?

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