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Joey and Dawson all dressed up with no one to do.

Use this picture if you ever need to induce vomiting.

Episode 90 is upon us!  And what a better way to ring in this milestone than with a second viewing of one of our season 3 favorites: The Anti Prom.  This episode does not disappoint, even in reruns.  You may recall that Jack wants to bring a boy to the prom, and that Evangelical Christian Right Wing Fascist Barbara Johns says he can’t do it.  That’s when Dawson swoops in, armor glistening in the lunch room florescents, shield held high to save his beloved friend Jack… or maybe just to form an elaborate scheme to claim Joey before Pacey can.  So Dawson throws his own prom at Leery’s Fresh Fish, and everyone is there, although many of them are with the wrong dates.  You know what happens next, Andie cries, Joey pines, Henry cockblocks himself, and Pacey. Remembers. Everything.

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